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Stormwater Solutions for Heavy Civil Construction

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Heavy Civil Construction Water Treatment

If you’re planning a heavy civil construction project to construct a railway, highway, bridge, dam, public work, or another city project, you will need to prioritize stormwater management.

Your large-scale construction project has the potential to contaminate rainwater and other water that touches construction surfaces, exposing it to harmful chemicals that could re-enter public bodies of water. Implementing effective stormwater management systems is essential to minimizing your environmental impact throughout your heavy civil construction.

Thankfully, we can help.

At Washington Stormwater, we have created top-tier water filtration solutions for a range of heavy civil construction clients like you. We’re prepared to put our water treatment expertise to work to ensure your project’s compliance with EPA guidelines and construction regulations.

Water treatment tanks for a heavy civil construction project.

What is Stormwater Management?

When rainwater and melted snow come into contact with construction sites, they often become contaminated by the toxic chemicals and pollutants present on surfaces. Stormwater management is the process of diverting and filtering polluted rainwater to prevent it from soaking into the ground, draining into storm drains, or contaminating larger bodies of water.

Why is Stormwater Management Important for Heavy Civil Construction?

Large construction projects, such as heavy civil construction projects, typically produce higher levels of contaminants in stormwater and wastewater than traditional building projects. Additionally, these projects often span a longer timeline than residential or commercial construction projects.

As a result, implementing adequate stormwater management practices is essential. Without stormwater management, water would drain into storm drains, then enter creeks, streams, and other natural hydrology without any cleaning or filtering.
Additionally, a suitable stormwater program can prevent water from pooling in impervious surfaces, keeping your construction site dry.

Our Stormwater Solutions for Heavy Civil Construction Companies

At Washington Stormwater, we use several water filtration systems to provide reliable water treatment to heavy civil construction companies. One of the most effective treatments for heavy civil construction clients is chitosan-enhanced sand filtration (CESF).

CESF systems utilize chitosan, a material made from crab shells, to attract contaminants within water tanks. These sand-filtration systems can prevent sediment and other materials from slipping through the filter, ensuring that the stormwater that leaves your property is environmentally compliant.

Our CESF units are also flexible and self-contained, allowing us to install them anywhere on your project site. This flexibility ensures that your CESF system provides reliable filtration throughout your building processes.


Advanced Water Treatment Solutions

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