Pre Construction Services

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The best time to contact our company about construction compliance & wastewater treatment is before breaking ground on a new construction site. The second-best time is now.

Pre Construction Compliance Services

Your construction project must adhere to numerous EPA and WSDOE environmental compliance guidelines to avoid penalties and civil enforcement action. If you’re in the initial stages of new construction, addressing your stormwater treatment now can help you avoid facing pollution challenges down the line.

At Washington Stormwater, our team is well-versed in the pre construction permitting processes necessary to enhance environmental compliance. When you hire our water treatment company, we can help you achieve all of the construction management best practices to remain compliant from beginning to end.

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Pre Construction Services

Obtaining the necessary permits for your construction project is one of the first steps in beginning new construction. When you hire our Washington Stormwater team, we’d be happy to take the permitting responsibility off your shoulders.

In addition to permits, we can also provide your site with the required site management documents, inspections, and compliance reporting items.

Construction Permits Specific to Your Project

Ecology Permits

Permits to ensure that your construction site complies with clean water regulations.

Shoreline Permits

City-specific ecology permits necessary in Washington.

Army Corps Permits

Clean Water Act permitting under the Army Corps.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Construction sites have the potential to contaminate any water that passes through their facilities. As a result, the United States EPA has required construction activities to comply with water treatment regulations that prevent pollution in stormwater and wastewater. One step in remaining compliant is developing a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

At Washington Stormwater, we have extensive experience helping construction clients like you develop adequate pollution prevention plans and submitting the necessary documentation to the EPA. We’d be happy to help you create and fulfill a pollution prevention strategy that includes erosion and sediment control, then continually monitor your water for turbidity and pH.


Custom Construction Wastewater Solutions

Obtaining water treatment permits and submitting adequate documentation is only half the battle. Your construction site will also need to adhere to water treatment regulations throughout your construction processes.

Our team can develop the custom water treatment solutions your construction site needs to remain compliant long-term. We’ll examine your specific stormwater treatment needs, create a proposal that adheres to your budget, and install our equipment within two days or fewer.

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Advanced Water Treatment Solutions

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