Erosion and Sediment Control Services

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Erosion and Sediment Control

Unchecked erosion and sedimentation create a cascade of problems for both the environment and construction projects. When soil is washed away, it can suffocate aquatic life in nearby water bodies, disrupt ecosystems, and degrade water quality, turning pristine rivers murky and polluted.

For construction and industrial sites, uncontrolled erosion exposes companies to costly regulatory fines as agencies enforce strict environmental standards. These fines can be a significant unexpected expense, straining budgets. The bottom line is that unchecked erosion can lead to severe project delays.

As eroded soil accumulates, work areas may become unsafe or inaccessible, forcing work stoppages until conditions are remedied. In effect, failure to control erosion and sediment carries high environmental, financial, and operational risks.


Erosion & Sediment Control Services by Washington Stormwater

Maintaining a safe jobsite is paramount, and our implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) ensures just that. By entrusting your erosion and sediment control to us, you avoid costly fines from environmental agencies, safeguarding your project's financial stability. With our professional team managing your stormwater, you benefit from our unparalleled expertise.

At Washington Stormwater, our CESCL recommends expert solutions based on the unique needs of each jobsite. After the guidance is provided, it is the contractor’s responsibility to implement and maintain suggested BMPs.

Washington Stormwater offers custom erosion and sediment control services that include:

Bench Testing

Through bench testing, we assess soil properties to inform precise erosion control solutions, optimizing their performance. We assess the water to inform precise stormwater treatment.

Permit Assistance

Navigating permits can be complex; our assistance ensures your project remains compliant by securing necessary permits.

Stormwater Management Plans

Customized stormwater management plans minimize runoff impact, promoting sustainable construction practices.

Maintenance and Inspection Services

Ongoing maintenance and regular inspections ensure continued erosion and sediment control effectiveness.

Drainage System Design and Installation

Effective drainage systems prevent water accumulation and erosion, promoting long-term site viability.

Erosion Control Equipment Rental

We offer erosion control equipment rentals, providing access to the tools needed for effective control measures.

Emergency Response Services

Our swift emergency response services address unforeseen events, minimizing potential environmental harm.

Reporting and Documentation

Detailed reporting and documentation ensure transparency and regulatory compliance throughout the project.

Site Assessment & Analysis

Our meticulous site assessments delve into project intricacies, allowing us to devise effective erosion and sediment control strategies tailored to your site's unique characteristics.

Silt Fences

Silt fences are a frontline defense against sediment runoff. If advised, we can install them to mitigate environmental impact.

Customized Erosion Control Plans

Our team crafts personalized erosion control plans that factor in the environment, project scope, and regulatory requirements.

Erosion Control Blankets and Mats

Our selection of blankets and mats effectively combat soil erosion, preserving your site's foundation and environmental harmony.

Sediment Basins and Traps

Our sediment basins and traps expertly contain and manage sediment-laden runoff, safeguarding water bodies.

Construction Phasing Planning

We assist in planning construction phases, ensuring timely and strategic erosion control implementation.

Soil Stabilization Techniques

Innovative soil stabilization techniques enhance your project's foundation stability and environmental sustainability.

CESCL Services

Our comprehensive Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) services stand as a testament to our commitment to responsible construction practices. With a team of seasoned professionals possessing CESCL expertise, we are your partners in preventing erosion and sediment runoff.

From site analysis to the precise implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs), our CESCL services ensure that your construction site meets regulatory standards and becomes a beacon of environmental stewardship.

Our experts orchestrate the entire process, ensuring the integration of effective erosion control measures that preserve the balance of the surrounding ecosystem. By entrusting your sediment and erosion control to us, you demonstrate your dedication to sustainable construction practices.

Bench Testing & Treatability

The cornerstone of effective erosion control lies in understanding soil behavior. Our bench testing and treatability assessments delve into your construction site's soil characteristics. By assessing factors like permeability, sediment content, and runoff potential, we ensure that our control measures align with your site's needs.

This step goes beyond mitigating environmental impact; it contributes to the longevity of your construction project, setting the stage for sustainable development.

Our experts utilize the insights gained from bench testing to inform the design and implementation of control measures that are not only effective but also environmentally conscious, ensuring that your construction site remains a harmonious participant in its natural surroundings.


The Plan – 3 Steps to Success




Begin your path to outstanding erosion and sediment control with just one call to Washington Stormwater.




Experience a tailored site visit where our experts delve deep into your CESCL needs, ensuring precision and understanding.




We turn insights into action, implementing a top-tier erosion and sediment control plan aligned with CESCL benchmarks. 


Comprehensive CESCL Services

As CESCL specialists, we ensure regulatory adherence through meticulous erosion and sediment control. With Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead expertise, we prevent environmental degradation through tailored strategies and Best Management Practices (BMPs).

We provide meticulous site assessments with tailored erosion control plans, permit assistance, installation of protective measures, and thorough maintenance. From site analysis to emergency response, our CESCL services cover every facet of stormwater management to safeguard your project's integrity and the surrounding ecosystem.

On-Call Maintenance

While our dedicated operators remain on-site to monitor our stormwater systems, challenges can arise, especially during nighttime hours or unexpected heavy rainfalls. Our responsive team is prepared to promptly address any issues. We're on standby 24/7 to provide immediate assistance and ensure the stormwater systems on every job site continue to function effectively, regardless of the weather conditions or time of day.

With Washington Stormwater by your side, trust that we've got your water treatment systems mastered. We diligently manage and fine-tune our stormwater systems to exceed even our own rigorous standards.


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