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Sendero Townhome Case Study: Solving Water Holding Tank Issues

The Sendero Townhome project, located in Everett, WA, had to follow strict environmental rules before Washington Stormwater could start its work. They needed to send weekly reports about how they were following these rules (CESCL Reports). They also had to test the water every week to check its quality (Water pH and Turbidity Samples). Every month, they had to give reports about how they were releasing water (DMRs).

water holding tank | Washington Stormwater

Furthermore, the city required a special water holding tank that was removed during dewatering. These requirements set the stage for Washington Stormwater to create custom solutions for managing stormwater, showing their dedication to the environment and the project’s success.

Project Overview: The Stormwater Challenge

Sendero Townhome, a residential development in beautiful Everett, WA, is comprised of single-family condominiums. This serene suburban neighborhood, known for its lush landscapes, provided an ideal backdrop for the project. 

The project team faced a significant hurdle: managing stormwater runoff effectively while ensuring compliance with stringent CESCL (Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead) regulations.

The challenge is handling the increased runoff from the development, raising concerns about potential flooding and water pollution. Additionally, CESCL compliance was crucial to safeguard the surrounding environment.

Washington Stormwater’s Solution

  • Water Holding Tank: To manage heavy rains better, Washington Stormwater suggested using a 5000-gallon wastewater holding tank to hold extra rainwater temporarily. This stops flooding and lets out water slowly when it’s safe.
  • CESCL Compliance: Washington Stormwater made sure the entire project followed CESCL rules. They worked with the project team to plan things like fences and basins to stop soil from running away and keep water clean.
  • Stormwater Treatment: The holding water tank not only holds water but also cleans it. It uses special tools like filters to remove pollutants from the water so it’s safe. This advanced treatment system included hydrodynamic separators and filtration units, ensuring that the discharged water met environmental standards.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Washington Stormwater implemented a proactive monitoring and maintenance program to continually oversee the stormwater management system’s performance. Regular inspections and maintenance activities ensured the system’s reliability.
water tank for construction | Washington Stormwater

What Washington Stormwater Delivered

  • Weekly Site Inspections: Certified CESCL inspectors performed weekly site inspections. They engaged with the on-site contact to address maintenance, concerns, and suggestions.
  • Quality Water Sampling: During CESCL inspections, a quality water sample is obtained at the discharge point. This provides an additional water quality reading, complementing the contractor’s samples.
  • Data Reporting: Data collected by the contractor and CESCL inspectors is compiled. It is then reported to the Washington State Department of Ecology in a Monthly Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR).
  • Compliance with City Mandate: The city required an on-site water tank for construction site dewatering before its discharge. Washington Stormwater promptly delivered and installed a 5000-gallon settling tank within 3 days of notice.

Benefits and Outcomes

The Sendero Townhome project thrived thanks to efficient rainwater management strategies implemented by Washington Stormwater. Their innovative approach, featuring a specialized water holding tank, ensured effective stormwater handling, preventing flooding, erosion, and pollution. This commitment to CESCL compliance benefited the environment and fostered improved community relations. 

Sendero Townhome set an example of environmentally responsible development, enhancing its reputation. The advanced stormwater treatment system safeguarded water quality, protecting local ecosystems and water bodies. Overall, Washington Stormwater’s solutions contributed to a successful, environmentally friendly project.

wastewater holding tank | Washington Stormwater

Josh Aero Construction shared their experience: “Working with Washington Stormwater was a pleasure. Their team provided realistic solutions for our wet job site, adhered to city rules, and promptly delivered materials. Their expertise turned water challenges into advantages, decreasing costs and saving time. We look forward to future collaborations.”

Washington Stormwater – the best water treatment supplier, demonstrated a commitment to environmentally responsible construction practices through effective rainwater management. This case study underscores the significance of proper rainwater handling, highlighting its positive impact on both the community and the natural environment.

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