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Navigating Change with Office Relocation and Stormwater Management in Enumclaw

Washington Stormwater is thrilled to announce that company owners Bobbi and Tyson Lashbrook have purchased the historic Enumclaw National Bank building in downtown Enumclaw! The renovation process has already begun, and this iconic building will soon be home to our main office.

Yes, this is an exciting change for Washington Stormwater! But more than that, it’s a chance to show our appreciation for the rich history of Enumclaw, and we are honored to become part of that history ourselves.

Preserving the Past, Shaping the Future

As an established Enumclaw company providing sustainable stormwater management solutions since 2005, we recognize how special this building is to the community, and we hope to make Enumclaw proud as we work to preserve its history. 

Our heart for the future of Washington Stormwater is to continue serving contractors with environmentally responsible stormwater management. We look forward to contributing to the well-being of our city as we move forward into this new chapter.

The Story of Enumclaw National Bank

A Hopeful Beginning

When first built in 1923 by J.C. Jensen, one of the founding families of Enumclaw, this building was home to Enumclaw National Bank. Since then, the building has housed many tenants and businesses, but the original name is still proudly displayed above its second-story windows, preserving history for a century and counting.

Hard Times Hit

During The Great Depression, more than 9,000 banks failed across the United States of America, including Enumclaw National Bank. Thankfully for Enumclaw, a rivaling bank agreed at that time to assume all debt, saving many local families and businesses from financial ruin. 

From Bank to Shoe Shop 

After the bank closed its doors in 1932, the building found new life as Steve’s Shoe Store moved in downstairs, and many professionals, such as attorneys, dentists, and doctors, moved into the second-story offices. These offices would later be converted into apartments, with a shared bathroom in the hallway. 

“Coal Street”

Even the street names in Enumclaw bear meaningful history! Sitting at 1602 Cole Street, the name was originally “Coal Street” in reference to the heating practices of the era. Natural gas replaced coal in the early 1970s, but before that, the building relied on a coal stoker for warmth, with steam circulating through radiators for heat in the winter.

A Local Landmark

After quietly witnessing close to 100 years of the city’s evolution, the Enumclaw National Bank building was designated a landmark by King County in 2016.

Washington Stormwater is thrilled to have acquired such a special piece of Washington’s rich history. 

Renovations Underway

As the Lashbrooks continue renovating the second story over these coming months, where we’ll be relocating our stormwater management offices, we eagerly anticipate restoring this beloved community treasure while preserving its heritage and character. 

In that spirit, we’ve commissioned trusted local contractors, Cascade Craftsman, to renovate and modernize the second story into a collaborative office. We’re thrilled to say that Washington Stormwater will be moving our team into this newly renovated space downtown upon completion.

Watch this video from Cascade Craftsman for a preview of the building renovation!

Join Us on the Journey

Washington Stormwater – a water treatment supplier company, invites you to share in the excitement as we continue the remodeling process! Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned over the coming months for updates, behind-the-scenes, and more.

We can’t wait to showcase the transformation of our new home and this beloved community treasure that has served Enumclaw since 1923. So join us!

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