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EPA and WSDOE Compliance Requirements for Construction Site Wastewater


If you’re a construction manager, your construction site must adhere to strict compliance requirements for wastewater management. Your site produces contaminated water that cannot return to surface waters around Washington. 

Instead, you must filter contaminants from the water that could harm human and animal health, ensuring adherence to the required construction compliance standards. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Washington State Department of Ecology (WSDOE) have enacted clean water requirements for construction sites. 

Read on to learn the construction wastewater compliance requirements your site must adhere to. Then contact our team at Washington Stormwater to learn about our essential wastewater solutions. 

EPA Construction Wastewater Requirements

EPA construction wastewater regulations apply to all construction sites subject to NPDES permit requirements. This generally includes all sites with at least one acre of land disturbance. 

The EPA requires construction site operators to manage dewatering activities throughout their construction processes. They must also implement measures to prevent discharges of pollutants and maintain buffers around surface waters. 

Construction sites must use the best practicable technology currently available to enact wastewater treatments and prevent pollutants. Specifically, construction operators must: 

  • Minimize discharge of contaminants from wash waters on the construction site
  • Minimize the exposure of construction materials to precipitation and stormwater
  • Minimize discharge of pollutants from chemical spills and wastewater facilities
  • Minimize runoff from storm sewer systems

Additionally, the following types of discharges are prohibited: 

  • Fuels and oils
  • Wastewater from concrete washout
  • Wastewater from paint, stucco, form release oils, and other construction material washout
  • Soaps used in equipment washing 

You can learn more about these regulations by reading the Construction and Development Effluent Guidelines and Standards 40 CFR Part 450.

WSDOE Construction Wastewater Requirements

The WSDOE requires construction sites to adhere to the Construction Stormwater General Permit requirements. The requirements in this construction permit include:

You can learn more on the WSDOE Construction Stormwater General Permit site. 

Local Ordinances for Construction Wastewater

Each city throughout Washington has established permits, ordinances, and codes that may apply to construction site wastewater. Your construction project should adhere to these local ordinances and the above EPA and WSDOE requirements. 

At Washington Stormwater, we’ve spent years learning the ins and outs of local, state, and federal compliance regulations for construction wastewater. We’re happy to take compliance responsibility off your shoulders and employ the best solutions in the industry to treat and manage wastewater. 

Addressing Common Challenges in Construction Wastewater Compliance

As a dedicated construction manager, navigating wastewater compliance is crucial for your project’s success and the surrounding environment’s well-being. We understand the importance as well as the difficulty.

Upholding environmental integrity and EPA regulations is critical, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here, we delve into some common challenges faced by construction sites and how Washington Stormwater can assist you in overcoming them.

Dewatering Management

One of the critical challenges for many construction sites is efficient dewatering management. Washington Stormwater is a water treatment supplier offering tailored solutions to ensure your dewatering processes align with EPA regulations.

Surface Water Buffer Maintenance

Maintaining required buffers around surface waters is critical. Our team provides expertise in establishing and preserving these buffers, safeguarding the integrity of nearby water ecosystems.

Pollution Prevention for Wash Waters

Contaminants from wash waters pose a significant risk. Washington Stormwater employs advanced technologies to minimize the discharge of contaminants, meeting EPA standards and preserving water quality.

Construction Stormwater General Permit Compliance

Navigating the Construction Stormwater General Permit requirements set by WSDOE requires attention to detail. One missed requirement can lead to noncompliance penalties and project delays.

Washington Stormwater specializes in developing comprehensive plans to prevent stormwater pollution, implementing effective sediment and erosion controls, ensuring proper coverage from WSDOE, and providing effective stormwater management.

Washington Stormwater Services Include:

Comprehensive Compliance Assessments

Let us conduct a thorough assessment of your construction site to ensure compliance with EPA, WSDOE, and local ordinances.

Cutting-edge Wastewater Treatment

Benefit from our industry-leading wastewater treatment solutions designed to exceed regulatory requirements.

Guidance on Local Ordinances

We are well-versed in the myriad of local ordinances across Washington, offering you peace of mind as you navigate complex regulations.

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