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Wastewater Management Tips, Guidelines, & Industry Knowledge

How does construction affect the water pollution

How Does Construction Affect Water Pollution?

Washington Stormwater is committed to ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment through effective stormwater management and construction water ...
Finding a qualified CESCL consultant for my project in Seattle

Insights on Finding a Qualified CESCL Consultant for Your Project in Seattle

Seattle is widely known and admired as being one of the nation’s greenest cities, so their enforced regulations ...
Required construction compliance

EPA and WSDOE Compliance Requirements for Construction Site Wastewater

If you’re a construction manager, your construction site must adhere to strict compliance requirements for wastewater management. Your ...
Water treatment system using chitosan-enhanced sand filtration system.

What is Chitosan-Enhanced Sand Filtration?

At Washington Stormwater, we use chitosan-enhanced sand filtration (CESF) units daily to filter water effectively and compliantly on ...

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