About Washington Stormwater

Washington Stormwater is a water treatment company located in Enumclaw, WA and serving businesses throughout Washington State. Call today to schedule a water treatment consultation.


Who We Are

Washington Stormwater is a water treatment company specializing in stormwater treatment for small- and large-scale construction projects and industrial water filtration. We’ve provided water treatment and control solutions for a range of high-profile clients throughout Washington State, ranging from Glacier Middle School to Absher Northgate Mall.

With over 20 years of combined experience on construction and industrial sites, our team knows EPA and WSDOE compliance requirements like the back of our hands. We stay well-versed in ever-changing stormwater and wastewater guidelines to ensure that our clients remain compliant throughout their operations.

The Start of Our Water Treatment Company

Our water treatment company began with our founder, Jim Thorwart. Jim worked in the erosion control industry for over 20 years and witnessed the industry's ever-tightening environmental restrictions and ecology standards. He noticed that as these restrictions changed, not many suppliers offered adequate filtration solutions for construction projects to remain compliant.

In 2005, Jim began designing and distributing his own turbid water filtration system that used chitosan, a substance made from crab shells, to remove pollutants from water. Today, we use a similar system — the highly efficient chitosan-enhanced sand filtration (CSEF) system — every day in our water management work.

How We Can Help You

We’re committed to taking the burden of meeting stormwater compliance regulations off of our clients' shoulders. When you hire our team to provide water management control systems, you can receive the following benefits:

Intuitive Technology-Driven Solutions

At Washington Stormwater, we use top-of-the-line filtration solutions to provide efficient, effective water treatment for our clients. Our chitosan-enhanced sand filtration (CSEF) systems are self-contained and highly versatile, allowing us to install them into existing topography as necessary.

Hands-On Approach

We always stay one step ahead of our clients to anticipate their water filtration needs and predict challenges before they occur. Our past clients can attest to our ongoing presence on their construction sites without request from the site manager. You can feel confident in our 24-hour monitoring processes to monitor and control your systems as well.

Comprehensive Filtration

Our filtration systems provide clients with the comprehensive water treatment solutions they need to filter a range of contaminants. We can handle sediment, turbidity, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, organics, and any other combination of pollutants that may occur within a construction site.

Affordable Water Management

We use highly efficient CESF systems that filter more water in less time, allowing clients to install smaller tanks without risking overflow. As a result, our wastewater treatment systems have the potential to save you money.

A wastewater tank that belongs to Washington Stormwater, a water treatment company in Washington State.
Water treatment system using chitosan-enhanced sand filtration system.

3 Steps to Clean Water Discharge



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